Keep pets safe this 4th of July

As fun as the 4th of July festivities can be for people, it can be equally as frightening for dogs and cats. Fireworks are already being heard in many neighborhoods and will likely become more persistent as we near the actual holiday.

Loud noises, especially over prolonged periods of time, can frighten and confuse animals. While some pets don’t seem to mind, others hide, tremble, or run away. When they are in that state of fear a screen door or fence might not stop a dog that is trying to get away. '

Unfortunately, every year at this time, too many dogs and their people get separated.

“We’ve seen dogs run as far as five miles trying to escape the fireworks,” says Greenhill Humane Society canine program manager, Katie Barnett. 

In an effort to keep pets safe at home, Greenhill is offering these tips for pet owners:  

• Do not bring your pet to fireworks displays.

• When fireworks are being used, keep pets indoors, including outdoor cats. Scared pets may dig under fences or break through gates when spooked by the sound of fireworks.

• Keep your pet in a quiet room, play calming music, or background noise to help soothe them. 

• For pets that are extremely stressed by fireworks, make an appointment with your veterinarian to discuss medications and other alternatives to help calm your pet.

• Make sure your pet is wearing current and accurate identification, even if they are kept inside. A tag with a working phone number can get your pet home much faster. Be sure to microchip your pet as well, in case their collar comes off. 

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