Ladd and Glenn headed to George Fox

Cottage Grove’s Cooper Ladd and Hayden Glenn are heading to George Fox University where they will play football next season. In front of coaches and family members, the pair made it official last Thursday as they signed their letters of intent in the CGHS library.

“It’s really exciting. It’s great anytime, we don’t get the opportunity a lot of times to send kids on to play college football somewhere,” said head coach Gary Roberts. “So it’s cool to have two guys that want to go play, have the talent to go play and I think it’s a neat deal that they have the wherewithal to say we found a program that gives us the best opportunity to play football and get a great education. So, it’s a really cool deal for the athletic department and for our football program.”

Ladd and Glenn played integral parts on last season’s championships team. The pair were both named first team all-state in 4A on offense and defense with Ladd at center and linebacker and Glenn at wide receiver and defensive back. Glenn was also named 2017 all-state defensive player of the year.

After entertaining offers from other schools, the pair saw George Fox as a place where they would be able to thrive academically and on the field. In addition to being able to play with one another.

“We influenced each other, I think. Because Cooper is obviously a very good student — he has like a 4.28 GPA or something — so he found this school and it’s a really good academic school and I was able to go there as well. And it just worked out as well,” said Glenn.

“It came together and we were like, ‘Oh my gosh, my best friend since sixth grade and I get to play football with him for another four years.’ At, again, our most dedicated point, this is college football. This is the next level. It’s just a dream come true,” said Ladd before adding, “You better watch George Fox in the next four years.”

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