"Latham School Report" explained

A look into South Lane School District’s 40-page document that will help the school board make a decision about the future of Latham

The South Lane School District’s “Latham School Report” was released to the public last Monday. This 40-page document does not determine the fate of Latham but the goal of it was to inform the school board about all aspects of the school in order to arm them with all the information they need to vote on whether or not to close the school or keep it open for at least five more years.

This document is chock-full of information that can at times get confusing so The Sentinel went about annotating it and providing relevant information to clarify any gray areas. The following document is the entirety of the SLSD report with added information and context. All annotations from The Sentinel will appear in red boxes and will clearly be indicated.

Click here for the full explained report.


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