LCSO terminates deputy arrested on rape charges

The Lane County Sheriff's Office (LCSO) announced Friday that it has terminated Matthew Hitson, 40, after additional charges of sexual assault were filed against the deputy. 

Hitson was originally arrested on March 23 after an investigation conducted by the Springfield Police Department and LCSO identified him as a suspect in the rape of an 18-year-old. 

He was placed on administrative leave and charged with first-degree rape, delivery of marijuana to a minor and furnishing alcohol to a minor.

The latest charges which include first-degree sexual abuse and first-degree unlawful sexual penetration, stem from an alleged incident in 2013.

LCSO declined to provide further information in a press release with a communications officer with the office citing the office's desire to see "justice fully realized" in the case.

In March, LCSO released a statement with regards to the charges against Hitson, which read, “The sheriff’s office is saddened a member of the organization may have been involved in actions that lead to the above charges, and the impact it has on our community. The conduct reported is not acceptable, and fails to meet the standards expected of members of the sheriff’s office.”

Hitson reportedly made bail prior to the new charges being filed which have since prevented his release and raised his bail amount. 

Hitson has been with the LCSO for three years.

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