Letters to the Editor (Dec. 16, 2021)

Let’s Make Cottage Grove Home

I am a native Oregonian. My family has been in the Cottage Grove area, as the saying goes, “since dirt”.

Through the years, I have seen loggers married to environmentalist, rednecks with hippies and mountain men miners with society city ladies. Yes, there were robust discussions, sometimes heated debates. But always, we knew that we were a community. And in the spirit of community, we always acknowledged that “you do you and I’ll do me; my rights end where your rights begin”. And it has worked for us — the people of Cottage Grove — our community-home.

But what I witnessed last week in my hometown Walmart was not this same sense of community. I watched as a 30-something-year-old man threatened a 50-something-year-old man that he was going to shoot and kill him simply because he was not wearing a mask!

I was dumbfounded and angered at the same time.

Thankfully, the Walmart employee stepped in and told the younger man to get what he needs and move on; as well as apologizing to the older man.

This hateful, mean-spirited display is not wanted in this town and it cannot and will not be tolerated. Anyone with such a vile mindset needs to find another community to call home.


—Debbie Ladd 

Cottage Grove

Freedom and Infectious Diseases

I’ve been wondering about the information that the demonstrators at the vaccine clinic were handing out. I researched vaccine safety for myself and found the risks with the COVID vaccine similar to those of all vaccines.

There are always some folks that react badly. However, as with most mandated vaccines, the risks posed by infectious disease far outweigh the risk of vaccine reactions.

For example, heart inflammation is a risk for some who get vaccinated. However, it’s a much larger risk if you get COVID.

The issue about freedom and infectious diseases has been addressed before. George Washington had all his troops vaccinated against smallpox. We mandate a whole raft of vaccines for school children.

The heart of the problem is that infectious diseases don’t respect human rights. This is a moral dilemma first tested by Typhoid Mary, a seemingly healthy cook who spread typhoid from household to household. Did she need another career or to learn to wash her hands? Do we have the right to not eat her cooking?

So, if you were there just to complain about how unfair it all is or to sow distrust in the vaccines being offered, well bad on you. However, if you truly have something worthy to say, I suggest writing a letter to the paper and sharing your thoughts with us.


Cottage Grove

Editor’s Note: Though letter submissions to the editor with full names are preferred, the author of this letter has indicated they have received personal attacks when using their name previously in this publication and has asked to remain anonymous.