Letters to the Editor (Dec. 23, 2021)

Disinformation Landscape

I write in response to S.H.’s letter from Dec. 16 titled “Freedom and Infectious Diseases”. I appreciate their invitation to share more information. We are in a time of much disinformation and confusion — some may say insanity — in our world. We are being asked to use our discerning abilities to decipher what is real. No easy task. We don’t get to truth, though, by shutting others down.

The very nature of science is one of continuous study and questioning. Not hard fixed rules. If the conversation stops, then progress stops.

I trust science, though not necessarily scientists.

It is unusual for one to be able to live his or her passion without the financial aspect hanging over their heads. Grants are paid to those who produce the results they want. Most studies are financed by pharmaceutical companies.

And in the case of vaccines, there is no liability. You cannot sue if you or your loved one falls ill or dies from these injections, as you can other drugs. Why do we protect Big Pharma?

S.H states, “I researched vaccine safety for myself and found the risks with the COVID vaccine similar to those of all vaccines.” I was surprised to see this as just a cursory look at the VAERS website (a passive reporting system managed by the government) of side effects and deaths, as well as testimony from insiders, shows the death rate and cases of severe side effects far exceed the cumulative number of all vaccines in the past 20 years. Normally, when this many deaths occur, the experiment is shut down. And yet, the coercion, manipulation and threats continue in order to force everyone to comply.

We have already heard from the CDC director stating the 94 percent of the cases were false positives.

We have heard from whistle blowers and undercover video that it is the protocols being used in the hospital that are killing patients, not COVID.

There are local groups keeping people out of the hospital with a 100 percent cure rate. Yes, elderly, with low oxygen saturation rates as well.

And yet, healthy young people going in, put on Remdesivir, end up with organ failure. Peer reviewed scientific studies have shown this drug to cause organ failure in 25 percent of the patients.

There are lawsuits in Lane County against the hospitals for refusal to use treatments that work, resulting in the death of the patients. Why? Because insurance companies pay more for certain treatments. It’s a business.

The powers that be want us divided. They want you to believe that those who oppose their agenda fit into a particular box: gun-toting, right wing, religious patriots. And yet, I fit into none of those.

People from all walks are standing up because they are bearing witness to the atrocities of not only people losing their jobs because they don’t want the injection, but many have friends or family members who have died from this shot.

Demonstrators don’t just believe all of this is “unfair” as S.H states or the real motive is to “sow distrust in vaccines.” Their eyes are open to the truth, and it horrifies them.

And now, the children are targeted. And children are dying from this injection. So, in response to Carmen Dowell’s letter from Nov. 18 requesting protesters to put down their posters “before it escalates,” I say this: the question is not why haven’t they put down their signs, but why haven’t you picked up yours?


—Johanna Zee

Cottage Grove