Letters to the Editor (Jan. 10, 2022)

Clinic Protest, Revisited

Let’s rewind.

There was a protest at a local vaccination clinic a few weeks ago. Protesters were handing out “information” and making comments about your “loss of freedom”.

I asked what information they had in relation to the dangers of the vaccine. Instead of an answer, I was referred to the VAERS website, which is a data gathering tool of the CDC, which in turn, verifies and analyzes the data.

The CDC came to the conclusion that the vaccine is generally effective and safe. Most of the people filling the ICUs right now are unvaccinated.

It matters where information comes from. For instance, I would be hesitant to take safety information from someone who does not understand why surgeons wear masks.

If you haven’t got a valid, verifiable objection, then what were you doing there? The clinic doesn’t create or enforce mandates. People were there exercising their choice about their bodies.

If you don’t have something to say that you can back up, it seems you were at the clinic just to sow distrust, discord and fear.



Cottage Grove