Lincoln Middle School staff bands together for student

When Lisa Sherman noticed a student acting differently and inquired as to why, she did not expect the answer.
The student revealed that a parent had recently been diagnosed with cancer and it was taking a toll.
"I actually called home to ask if I could take the student to lunch to talk and I verified the information," Sherman said. It was then that Sherman was informed that the diagnosis was true and the family had several children in South Lane School District Schools.
According to a press release issued by the school, the parent noted that they would be undergoing radiation treatment later this month and as a result, would need to isolate themselves from the rest of the family. To do this, they would need to be in a hotel room that, unfortunately, the family could not afford.
"They also told the teacher that they did not have money to pay for a hotel and that insurance wouldn't cover the cost of the hotel either," the release said.
Sherman told The Sentinel that she immediately reached out to the school's resources to see if existing programs could aid the family with the cost of the hotel room.
"We have a homeless coordinator here and other programs but they didn't work out," Sherman said. "So, I emailed staff and asked if there was a way that we could raise the money ourselves."
Lisa Clark, a teacher at Lincoln, was part of the group that was tasked with finding a hotel partner willing to offer a discount for a six-night stay.
"That was the part I played," she said.
The staff raised enough money for the hotel stay in Eugene and noted, " We would like to publicly thank the Eugene Springfield Marriot for their generosity and willingness to work with our school and this family in providing a room for one of our community.


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