Lincoln remembers Wesley Meadows

On Friday, June 15, the community at Lincoln Middle School honored the memory of former student Wesley Meadows who passed away in December.

Earlier this year, Lincoln began a campaign to beautify the school grounds, including a courtyard vice principal Emily Wren said would be dedicated to Meadows. Prior to his death the 13-year-old had been working towards a plan that would allow him to build a fence with staff at Lincoln.

According to Wren, Meadows friends approached the school’s administration and requested the opportunity to build a fence in Meadow’s honor.

Both the fence and a memorial stone were unveiled last Friday.

Meadows was killed while riding his bike on Highway 99 north of Cottage Grove. Last week, free bike helmet lights were distributed to children in Cottage Grove with organizers of the program citing Meadows’ passing as a driving force behind the desire to provide the free lights.


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