Local author’s first book signing rescheduled after being snowed out

McKenzie Peters with her new book, "Persephone in Oregon."

Last month’s snowstorm scuttled a lot of plans and routines. For local resident McKenzie Peters, it meant putting off a book-signing event following the release of her first publication, Persephone in Oregon: A Photographic Journey Through Time. However, the book is available on Amazon as of today, with the official book signing now taking place April 19 at Bookmine.

This is Peters’ first book and is coauthored by another local writer and photographer, Bob Zybach. Peters and Zybach have worked together on a number of forestry- and history-related research projects over the past several years, but this is their first collaboration on a book of fiction.

Persephone’s story is closely based on Greek mythology and begins with her arrival in primeval Oregon from the sea, blue-haired and naked in the late afternoon of a New Moon. Here, she finds an Eden-like country of great ferns and grasses, waterfalls, rivers — and giant forest trees — but no flowers, no animals, no people.

The book features 45 fine-art photographs that follow Persephone through the seasons as she travels across Oregon on Lunar and Solar time tables, visiting and staying in strange and beautiful locations known to very few people ever — and rarely indicating any human presence to this time.

Peters has modeled part-time since her teenage years, but this is her first nude modeling. The experience of taking photographs over the course of an entire year in locations all over Oregon is something Peters described as “exhilarating,” while the actual writing was a “good challenge.”

Despite the delay in formal release and book signing, Persephone in Oregon is now available on Amazon for $65. A Kindle e-book version of the book has also been released over the past year as a six-part serial for $5 per episode. Full-size individual illustrations from the book can be purchased online as PDF files and are available at the Bookmine as prints or fine-art photographs.