Local band, 2106, asking for the community's votes

The name 2106 was an accident. During the annual rhyrm and blues fundraiser, someone labeled a CD "2106" rather than "2016."
"That's how we got our name," said Joshua Ireland, the guitarist for 2106.
The group, made up of four Cottage Grove high school students, plays Rock music from 1960 on and are hoping to showcase their talents at the second annual People's Pick concert.
The event is planned for June 30 through July 1 in Cottage Grove's Bohemia Park and asks community members to vote online for which musical groups they want to see.
It would be 2106's first time at the event but the group has been playing together for nearly a year.
"Chris and I were jamming for awhile and than we decided to get a recording studio in my garage one summer," Ireland said.
Soon after, bassist Kyle Wilson joined the fray.
"We were looking for singers and Cora is the best singer I know," Ireland said, describing Cora Branstetter's initiating into 2106.
At the last check, 2106 was in the top five in the vote tally for People's Pick and will continue their campaign to be added to the roster during sprig break.
"We're going to be on KNND on March 28 starting at 2 p.m.," Branstetter said. The band is expected to play live for approximately 40 minutes.
2106 is up against bands from as far away as Portland and California as well as a handful of local acts.
To vote for Branstetter, Ireland, Wilson and Chris Gossett, residents can visit http://peoplespick.cgmapresents.org. Voting ends May 12.