LRAPA seeks backyard burning comment

The Lane Regional Air Protection Agency is currently accepting public comments on revisions and updates to Title 47: Open (Outdoor) burning rules and requirements starting August 1st until the public hearing on September 14th, 2017.

 The following changes have been proposed:

Changed the term “Open Burning” to “Outdoor Burning” throughout Title 47. 

Clarified terminology pertaining to size and materials of “religious ceremonial fires” and “bonfires”

Clarified terminology relative to outdoor burning during the LRAPA “Home Wood Heating Season” 

• Require residents within the Oakridge Urban Growth Boundary to be subject to outdoor burning prohibitions and exemptions during the November through February Oakridge “Home Wood Heating Season”.

• Identified the Eugene and Springfield Urban Growth Boundaries as separate 

• Identified cardboard, clothing and grass clippings as “prohibited materials”

• Prohibit outdoor burning in barrels

• Prohibit outdoor burning within the Eugene Urban Growth Boundary

• Include in LRAPA rules Oakridge and Florence outdoor burning ordinances requirements

• Limit outdoor burning to woody yard trimmings within the city limits of Junction City, Coburg, Cottage Grove, Creswell, Lowell, Westfir, Dunes City and Veneta and further clarified relative to affected areas

• Updated names of Fire Districts

• Updated “Forest Slash Outdoor Burning” requirements in areas not covered by Department of Forestry Smoke Management Plan.  

• Increase fee for prescribed burning of standing vegetation permits (species or wetland conversion) from $100 to $1,000 and include caveat relative to Director discretion in fee adjustment

• Increase fee for permits required for forest slash open burning in areas not covered by the Department of Forestry Smoke Management Plan and for construction, demolition, commercial or industrial open burning from $4 per cubic yard to $10 per cubic yard and minimum fee from $50 to $100


For the LRAPA Title 47 staff report, full redline revision draft, and supplemental information, please go to


The LRAPA Board of Directors will decide on final revisions at the September 14th, 2017 public hearing. The public can review the public notice and submit their comments online at or mail their comments to LRAPA’s office (1010 Main St. Springfield, OR 97477). Alternatively, people are welcome to attend the public hearing in person and submit their oral testimony in front of the board.

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