Marijuana vote fails in Creswell

1,990 voters turned in a ballot for Measure 20-280 in Creswell--a question asking whether or not to allow marijuana within city limits--and 84.87 percent of them said no. 

The Measure was subject of intense back-and-forth but included more than two distinct camps. The standard pro and anti-marijuana groups tossed their hats into the ring but many voters also fell into a seperate category: anti- OneGro. 

The company, based in Creswell, hoped to capitalize on a yes vote on Measure 20-280 and add to operations it already has in Lane County, including one a few miles outside of Cottage Grove. 

However, two individuals on staff were found to have criminal histories, including felony charges for dealing marijuana. Moreover, noise and odor complaints from neighbors of existing operations fueled anti-marijuana sentiments in Creswell. 

Tensions rose just days prior to the election when a voters' pamphlet made the rounds in Creswell mailboxes. It appeared to be from election officials and was made to look as though it was official information about the measure. However, residents who looked closely enough saw that it was distributed by Keep it Creswell, a group staunchly against Measure 20-278 and OneGro. The pamphlet did not include both sides of the arguement--as is standard in voting pamphlets--and had some voters confused and turning to social media to sort out what information was accurate. 

Social media was also the gathering place for those who celebrated the November 7 vote. A page dedicated to the Creswell community had been drowning in conversation and argument focused on the vote and while many took to the page to ask OneGro to leave the community and congratulate those who voted against the measure, administrators of the page asked that members refrain from posting about the subject. "Alright Creswell, the vote is done and the unofficial results have been posted and hashed out a few times at least. It is now time for us all to move on with important steps of healing our community," the post read in part.

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