Mayor's bike ride

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Cottage Grove Mayor Jeff Gowing led his first Mayor's Bike Ride on Saturday, September 9 to promote the bike paths around the city. The event featured a six-mile roundtrip ride complete with snacks at the halfway point.

Gowing, who was elected in November of last year, said he managed to go beyond the six-mile ride to the harder 32-mile ride which was also offered on Saturday. 

"I felt it when I got home," he said at a subsequent city council meeting held on Monday, September 11. "I hadn't ridden 32 miles in a single day for 40 years because once you get your license, there's no reason to ride a bike that much." 

Gowing and a crew of residents and out-of-city riders braved the Row River Trail--part of the scenic bike way in Oregon which runs 15.6 miles along an abandoned rail line to Dorena Lake, Culp Creek and the nearby Umpqua National Forest.

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