McKinney-Vento program raises funds for houseless students

South Lane School District’s McKinney-Vento Program is raising funds to provide emergency grocery gift cards during the school closure to the 251 houseless students in the district. The campaign is happening now on GoFundMe and will run as long as schools are closed.

The program’s goal is to raise $12,550 so every houseless student receives a $50 emergency grocery gift card. The goal of the campaign is to mitigate the impact the coronavirus has on the school district’s hungry and houseless students. Donations can be made on the GoFundMe webpage.

“Today, times are extra hard — we are in the midst of a global pandemic,” said Jade Chamness, SLSD McKinney-Vento liaison. “We are trying our best to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Our school district is closed. Employers are cutting hours or closing altogether. We are buying basic necessities like toilet paper and food. But our houseless students and families don't have these luxuries. They don't have savings to live off while work is closed. They don't have a home to hunker down in. They don't have the funds to stock up on food. That's why we started this campaign. Because together, we can help.”

The McKinney-Vento program is seeking partnerships with Cottage Grove grocers to provide discount emergency grocery gift cards.

The McKinney-Vento Act is a federal law that ensures the rights of youth to go to school even when they are houseless or don't have a permanent address. Every school district in the country is required to have a McKinney-Vento program and liaisons. The programs reduce barriers that prevent houseless youth from enrolling, attending, and succeeding in school; including transportation, residency requirements, school meals, and documentation requirements. McKinney-Vento liaisons also connect students and families to local support resources.

Contact Jade Chamness to request participation in the McKinney-Vento program or to request more information about the fundraiser by email at [email protected] or by phone at 541-735-5702.


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