Moving into 2020 after a year of positive changes

With the new year looming, it was once again time to sort through the past in order to benefit our newsroom’s future. (Coincidentally, it also got me out of washing the dog, but you didn’t read that here.)

Over the course of a few hours, one can time-travel through 130 years of local history captured in aged clippings, folded newspaper pages and pamphlets.

They are also things you’ll never find with a Google search. They exist now only in the memories of those who wrote the stories, lived the experience or, in this case, remain preserved in the archives of our small newsroom.

I have to admit, I came into the New Year without any concrete resolutions aside from the usual — and ongoing — intentions of eating healthier, exercising more and procrastinating less (something I invariably keep putting off).

However, a trip through the past serves to reinforce the unique responsibility and privilege we have, as a newspaper, to be the keepers of the past, chroniclers of the present and spark conversation for the future — all while serving as a reflection of our community’s hopes, challenges and particular moment in time.

That being said, I’m not making a resolution as much as offering you our resolve, as your community newspaper, to continue striving for your trust and partnership on these pages each week.

“Integrity” is a term that has come into question within the realm of journalism far too often over the last few years, particularly at the national level where the need to be first is sometimes more important than the responsibility of being factual.

And while we aren’t perfect, we certainly try — even if it means holding a breaking news story to make sure the information is complete and not based on speculation or assumption.

As we head into 2020 and the 131st year of The Sentinel, I look forward to the conversations we’ll have together on the phone, through emails, visits here in the office or while waiting for a cup of coffee.

It’s these conversations that build the trust and partnership I spoke about earlier, and the integrity I hope you will feel is reflected on these pages with each issue.

Over the course of the past year, we’ve seen some changes here at The Sentinel, including a new page design and, as of Dec. 5, a new publication day of Thursdays instead of Wednesdays.

All of these changes were made to improve what we do as your community newspaper.

Hopefully, someday when another editor for The Sentinel is reading and organizing the archives of our history, like me they will be moved by the same sense of responsibility and privilege that now rests easily in our past archives as well as the archives yet to be written.