Music at the Farmer’s Market in September

September 16th - Ken Luker

Ken Luker is originally from Portland Oregon and has been living in Eugene since 2008. Ken's whole life has been playing guitar and singing, with over a thousand performances covering a wide array of musical styles, from Hawaiian to classic jazz, acoustic folk to electric blues, to rock and roll. He is currently the guitarist with the Hank Shreve Band, since 2015. Ken Luker’s solo performances offer reflections of humor and irony from a slightly twisted soul that has been pondering our life and times since the nineteen sixties.

September 23rd - The Blues Aces 10-12:30 p.m. & Lana and The Dirty Dishes 1-4 p.m.

The Blues Aces consist of legendary vocalist Diamond Don Evans and his backing band (Bill Stotts on sax and keys, Noah Hill on guitar, Patrick Ostander on drums, and Austin Kaiser on bass). The son of a sharecropper, Don was born in the Mississippi Delta, where he learned the true meaning of the blues and gained a following as one of the most powerful singers of his generation. Many claim his gift came from God, while others claim he acquired it after a fateful midnight meeting with a mysterious stranger at a rural crossroads in the Delta. Whatever the truth may be, we hope you enjoy our renditions of classic Chicago blues songs from many of the greatest artists in the genre.

Lana and the Dirty Dishes play a fun mix of classic country and Americana with some bluegrass twangs and original compositions for flavor. The Dirty Dishes may come and go, but expect to see Aaron Boals on upright bass, Dick Mombell on guitar and harmonica, Gregg Vollstedt on guitar, lap steel and dobro, Tim McCornack on guitar and mandolin, and Lana Dishner herself playing guitar and singing. All our gentlemen are fantastic vocalists and carry 3 and 4-part harmonies mighty fine. We always have a real blast playing music for folks, so get ready to roll up your sleeves and dive into some Dirty Dishes!

September 30th - Boxcar Figaro

Boxcar Figaro has been playing its blend of well-crafted folk/Americana original songs and unique covers for more than a dozen years. Recently transplanted to the southern Willamette Valley, Boxcar Figaro features singer/songwriter Victor DesRoches, and lead guitarist Dan Howard.

The South Valley Farmers Market is held at 709 E. Main Street, in historic downtown Cottage Grove between 10-2 p.m.