New bakery opens in Cottage Grove

Anita Childs' four daughters loved the television show Cake Boss that chronicles a Hoboken, New Jersey bakery and the family that runs it. Now, they have their own cake-making boss: Mom. 

“We would watch the show and they would say, ‘Mom, can you make this cake?’” Childs, originally from Canada and a Cottage Grove resident by way of Medford, said she would try her best to fulfill her daughters’ cake orders, giving her a start in baking. 

These Lovely Cakes –a nod to her daughters’ initials - has been open three months and had its grand opening last Saturday. 

The bakery sits on the left side of Childs’ house in a comfortable nook she hopes replicates coming home from school to the warm smells of freshly baked treats. 

“A lot of times, we don’t have that anymore,” she said. “I want to recreate that feeling here.”

Here, is a space that could easily be confused with a living room. A large leather couch invites customers to lounge while they enjoy their baked treats or chat and set their food on the coffee table in front of them. The home environment can partially be attributed to the fact that the bakery is a home; Childs.’

“We were going to move to the country but then we found this place,” she said of the location. A large house located on S. 6th St. “It had enough room for the girls and we had business ventures we could pursue in the space and so we bought it.” 

The space now churns out Childs' creations. Previously working as a florist has contributed to what Childs’ hopes becomes her defining product.

“I call it Face in a Cake. It looks like a flower arrangement,” she said. She also offers wine-soaked petals dipped in chocolate and does custom work. Her favorite job so far? A cake she made for local business Shampoo Dolls. 

“Eventually, I would like to move to Main St.,” Childs said, noting she had a location in mind. “I want to get this location up and running first.” 

She has plenty of help. Her daughters, now 17, 15, 14 and five still offer their services. “I don’t have employees yet, it’s just the girls who help,” she said. “But eventually, we’ll grow.” 

These Lovely Cakes is located at 325 S. 6th St. 

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