New Year brings in league-play

After a December packed with non-league basketball games, the calendar turns to 2018 and brings with it the start of league-play. The teams at the 1A level will begin their league journeys on Friday.

“It doesn’t matter if we lose every preseason game as long as we win when league starts, that’s what matters,” said first year North Douglas boys’ basketball coach Tyler Vancil earlier this season. “That’s what we’re trying to get better for to be at the top of our game when league starts because those are the games that matter.”

In the Skyline League, Vancil’s Warriors (7-4) will be trying to get back to the playoffs this season after finishing fourth in state last season. The team to beat in league this season is Pacific who are currently ranked second in the state. 

On the girls side, North Douglas (10-1), Elkton (8-2) and Days Creek (7-2) will be three teams looking to take the league title. All three teams are currently ranked in the top 12 of the 1A rankings.

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