No Kids Club at Bohemia has parents looking for options

As the school year approached, Cottage Grove's social media sites quickly began filling up with one question: What are parents doing about after school child care?

While the usual frenzy for child care options is typical, this year's hustle was fueled by the discontinuation of Kids Club at Bohemia Elementary School. 

The club, which served as an after school child care option and was a saving grace for some parents who worked outside the area and well after the typical school day lets out, was not included in this year's child care options.

"It was actually run by a third party," South Lane School District Communications Coordinator Garrett Bridgens said. "It wasn't a South Lane program and the person who was running it wasn't able to continue this year." 

While the absence of Kids Club has put some parents in a bind, Bridgens said that South Lane does offer a myriad of other options that serve as childcare including homework club and a slew of other programs either established or in the works.

For parents looking for an after school option for kids, Bridgens said South Lane offers both paid and free programs but the best way to find the program that best fits a families need, he said parents are best suited calling their child's individual school to see what options for child care are available.


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