Noreen Elise High

Noreen Elise High passed away on July 18, 2023.

Born of Sophie Elise Wilson in Syracuse, NY on December 11, 1938, passed away unexpectedly on July 18, 2023.

A shell-shocking incident robbed her of her well-earned passive years.  Tragically, we share this news.

A social person among community, family, friends.  Dedicated many years in armed forces.  That service kept pride foremost in all she did.

Noreen’s work ethic was stuck in overdrive.  Primary jobs were head cook at Village Green, then Koffee Kup.  Went extra miles in her kitchen, loved her customers, made a difference.  Never idle. Kept memories alive at class reunions each year. Noreen had a warm heart, equally she wore a warrior crown.

Survived by one of four siblings, Jinni Davis-Drain.  Three sons, Dennis Harmon and Joe Reeves of Cottage Grove;  Steve Harmon of Yakima;  many grandchildren as well as many great-grandkids;  countless nieces and nephews. 

May peace engulf her. A generous and kind soul whose presence will be missed greatly.

She was the wind and the storm.

Life celebration to be held at Masonic Lodge (1/2 mile past Walmart), Cottage Grove, on August 26 (Saturday) from noon – 4ish.  Food and drinks provided.  All are encouraged and welcome to attend, to share with each other pleasant times.

Email [email protected].   Contact Pamela Wilson, (541) 579-4438.