NYC musician returns to Axe and Fiddle

Danny Fingers is coming to town. 

The New York resident is the first half of Danny Fingers and the Thumbs, a band that plays “narrative-based art pop” and he’ll be marking his second stop at Axe and Fiddle in nine months, tomorrow. 

“I really love the Axe and Fiddle and the stage. It seems like a bar that really focuses on its performers,” he said. “It’s an awesome venue. 

This show won’t be featuring the Thumbs, three other band members who limit their touring to the east coast. According to the lead vocalist and songwriter, Danny, the other members stick to tours in Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New Jersey and other east coast venues. Danny, however, travels between New York City and Bend, Oregon. 

“I wasn’t trying to be in a band,” he said of his start. “I was a stand-up comedian.”

It was while he was procrastinating writing jokes that his roommate, a producer, suggested they record a song. The result was his first album, “What’s Normal is Weird.” It was also, his big break.

“I handed it to Rufus Wainwright outside of the Chelsea Hotel and two months later he was talking about it on BBC Radio,” he said. The artist went on to promote Danny and the Thumbs in Canada and soon enough, the band found itself on several "top pop group" lists thanks to the CD they shoved into Wainwright's hand outside of a New York City hotel. 

Since then, Danny’s put out a second album, the band has opened for Wainwright in Portland and Seattle and he continues to tour while working on a third album. 

The show starts at 8:30 p.m. tomorrow, May 4 at Axe and Fiddle on Main St.