PakTech readies for Cottage Grove

According to Cottage Grove City Manager Richard Meyers, PakTech is ready for business-almost. "It looks spectacular. That building has never looked that good," Meyers said.

The company had divided its renovation into building improvements and tenent improvements and as of this week, the first half of the project is completed. "They've done the improvements to the building they would have to do if anyone were to move in," Meyers said.

"Now, they'll start working on getting the specific equipment in, the equipment the tenent, or they, will need." Paktech will be utilizing half of the building and reserving the other half for possible future expansions. Currently, improvements were made to the half the company intends to use immediately. The roof, however, is completely new. "They didn't re-roof just half of the building," Meyers noted.

The project, according to Meyers, is still on schedule to open later this year.