Pet Tips ‘n’ Tales: And Then There was One

Readers’ beloved and famous feline friend, Myster E., passes.

Our precious, famous, swimming kitty, Myster E., was peacefully released by a caring veterinarian.  He was 18 and a half years old and leaves behind his sister, Whyspurr, the only remaining Winglett.

Readers have been following the Winglett family for 22 years in my pet newspaper column, Pet Tips and Tales.

Myster E’s mother, Miss Wings, arrived from Boston via Vivian and we all appeared on the TV news.  Then his father, Mr. Wings, arrived from California. The happy couple created dreamy-dandelion fluff triplets, Nymbus, Myster E. and baby sister Whyspurr.  Myster E.’s name is derived from the word ‘mystery’. If you say the word slowly it sounds like Mr. E.

The furry celebrity cats hit the news when they appeared on Eugene, Oregon’s TV stations for swimming, bike riding and leash walking.

One Winglett made the Register-Guard’s front page, and their story appeared internationally in newspapers, (one being England’s Daily Mail), cat magazines, and Chicken Soup for the Soul books around the world.

They were featured on Animal Planet’s Must Love Cats and Myster E.’s older brother flew to New York to swim on the Anderson Cooper show. His photo appeared each week in Pet Tips ‘n’ Tales and will continue to honor him.

Our furry earth angel will be remembered for his humor, kindness, wisdom and curiosity.  When we fostered Humane Society Persians, he welcomed each by quietly sitting with the terrified kitty reassuring them that this was a safe home, and no harm would come to them.

At dinner, there was no drama, the Wingletts and foster ate peacefully together. We credited Myster E.’s ability to communicate love. He was not afraid of my husband’s power tools, purr-furring to walk up to his Dad and investigate what was being fixed and then fall asleep beside him.

This beautiful doll-faced Silver Persian had such a character. Once, when we stayed with friends, we thought he got outside. Everyone was up and searching at 2 a.m. After 20 frantic minutes, I walked into the guest bedroom, and found him sitting perched on top of the open folding closet doors. He looked at me with the funniest look like, “What is everyone doing up so late?”

Myster E. loved riding in and leash walking beside his stroller. So, for his last vet visit, he rode majestically in his buggy. We stopped so he could walk on the earth and watch nature. He was tired, so he rested on the grass before taking a short stroll.

I chose to sit with him as he was being sent with the Angels on to Heaven. Yes, it was hard, but how can one leave their dying pet? A clinic scares them, and they are surrounded by strangers and vets have reported that animals left alone during this time are scared and frantically look for their owners. I wanted Myster E. to know he was loved, family, and not alone.

I bent down so he could look into my eyes as he peacefully passed. He was born into my hands, and they caressed him as his life ended. His life circle was over. He was an exceptional and intelligent cat who dedicated his life with love. Supporting him on his journey was the last loving act I could do for him, and it was a beautiful experience. Putting a pet down is kindness and no one should feel guilty. It is best to help them too early rather than too late when they are awash with pain.

My Persians and I often stayed with my friend, Atira, and her Persians. She phoned and asked, “What time did Myster E. pass? Because at 12:20 P.M. my cats began a loud unheard-of yowling. I ran in to check on them and nothing was going on.”

I responded to her question, “12:20 p.m.”

Then another friend, Pastor Cindy, who the cats and I often stayed with, who rarely texts was unaware of Myster E.’s death. Shortly after he died, she texted, “I found a white feather on my porch.”

It appears that Myster E.’s transition with the angels into heaven was at lighting speed. He deserved to be with them because he was an earth angel during life.

Days later, in honor of Myster E.’s passing my friend Lynda rang her garden’s Corinthian wind chimes, as our walking friend and vocalist Gloria spontaneously sang the Requiem ‘Pie Jesu’ meaning ‘Merciful Lord Jesus give them rest’. The beautiful-brief memorial was filled with love and kind words for our little mew-vie star. Goodbye sweet friend.


The Wingletts on Animal Planet’s Must Love Cats:

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