Pet Tips ‘n’ Tales: Covid Kitty Graduates

Lauren and Archie proudly wear their graduating gowns and caps.

Congratulations to Lauren and her nine-month-old, shaded-golden Persian, Archie, for graduating from high school.

It was a tough Senior year for Lauren. She had to adjust to a new life of class zooming and take breaks watching Archie playfully zoom around her room.

Many children dream of a ‘pet present’. Lauren’s gift came true on her 18th birthday.

“I have always wanted a kitten,” said Lauren. “During the isolation of Covid and missing my friends, Archie lifted my mood. Watching him play makes me happy. He purrs when picked up and loves kissing me on the nose. I love it too. His goofy-playful self lifts my spirits, especially when he runs in crazy bunny hops instead of a normal run.  He is good at hiding and popping out of hidden spots when you least expect it, which makes me laugh. He sleeps cuddled in my arm and if it isn’t bent ‘just right’, he meows and licks my face until I correct the ‘problem’ so he can fit in a ‘purr-fect’ bend.”

A curious young Archie can’t contain himself when he spots someone doing something without him included. Lauren has noticed that he has a serious case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

“He hates being left out,” said Lauren, “He cries at a closed bathroom door and inserts himself into the middle of anything our family is doing. Although, I have boundless love for him, I do wish two things: One, that he would stop waking me up at 6 a.m. so ‘we’ can play; Two, he’d stop playing in his litter box right after I vacuum the floor.

“Like me, Archie LOVES to eat. He sits at my feet while I purr-pare his food, and if I take too long, he paw-smacks my legs as if to say, ‘Hurry up.’ Once his food is ready, I ask, ‘are you ready Archie?’ He looks at me, and together we run over to where I put his food down. Archie’s little legs beat me because he is very fast when he is ready to eat!”

“My daughter and Archie are the best of friends and ‘double trouble’,” laughed Erin. “The cutest thing was when Lauren was playing a basketball game and we play it on our TV, Archie sits through the whole game. After, all he is her biggest fan.”

“With school being e-learning and so stressful this year, Archie provided me with comfort,” said Lauren. “He stayed with me while doing schoolwork and entertained himself by stealing my pencils, sitting on my laptop during Google Meets, chasing the cursor on the computer screen, or sleeping on my lap so I could pet him. Since he was helpful and brought joy during a stressful and uncertain time, it was only fitting to make sure he was recognized on my special day. His graduating cap has a paw print in place of the ‘0’ of 2021. I will remember my Senior year with the memory of Archie’s love.”


A TnT reader purchased Apple Airtags from Amazon and attached them to her keys, luggage, and dog! She wrote that, “The battery is good for a year and the Airtag shows GPS directions and plays sounds to help locate misplaced items. It works amazing for our escape artist pup!”

Angel Scribe’s Myster E’s favorite activity is batting around a wine-cork toy. Amazing for an 18-year-old kitty. He and his sister, Whyspurr have stopped vomiting and are playful since we switched them to healthy-homemade food mentioned in purr-evious Tips n Tales.

Short-legged pet? Build ramps over stairs to access the yard and to your bed so they do not stress their spines.

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