Pet Tips 'n' Tales: Indie and Yogi

Sonia’s rescued, one-eyed puppy, Indie, was not named after her birthplace, India. Instead, she was named after the dog “Indy,” mentioned in the Indiana Jones movie, “The Last Crusade.” This smart, sweet-sassy pup was amongst 10 found in a litter on the streets and rescued by Rishikesh’s “Yogi Street Dog Rescue.” It is a fascinating coincidence that her rescue group has her big brother’s name in it!

Life and survival are difficult for such animals, especially considering this one had been born with one eye. She was given less than a three percent chance of survival. Once vetted and strong enough, the nine-week-old was flown from the Himalayan foothills to the North American continent on the lap of a returning-volunteer tourist.

“It was time for my seven-year-old dog, Yogi, to have a buddy,” said Sonia, “He is one of those special-natured dogs you meet, every now and again, that is loving to the core. Adopting a rescue like him gives another dog a chance at a good life. The sheer numbers of animals in need is overwhelming. But changing the life of one, changes the world for that one. I saw Indie on social media and instantly fell in love with her.”

Yogi loves his baby sister. He relaxes her, said Sonia. “When I went to pick her up after her long flight, Yogi waited at a puppy play care center. After collecting Yogi, we drove to the dog park. As usual, Yogi trotted along and within minutes they walked side by side like a team.”

Yogi’s favorite toy is a stuffed hippo. When they arrived home, he brought it over for Indie to play with, then curled up with his younger sister for a nap. The next day, Sonia left them alone and came home to find Indie sleeping on her big brother’s back. Yogi has proven to be a great teacher and mentor to this once-desperate puppy.”

Life has drastically changed for the smart street waif. Indie is now living a life of fun and adventure.

“I take my dogs on bike tours,” said Sonia. “One year, Yogi and I biked 100 miles and he loved every minute of it. We love each other’s company — sightseeing, getting exercise and not adding gasoline into the environment. So, it was natural to include Indie in our adventures. She relaxes in the basket behind my electric bike’s seat and we tow Yogi in his ‘Doggie Ride’ trailer behind us. We have the best time and get so much attention! Other riders love seeing my happy dogs.”

Taking family pets on rides has gained in pup-ularity with cyclists. This spring, the trio explored the Cowichan Valley Trail. “Yogi and Indie thoroughly enjoyed themselves,” said Sonia.

“There is something about rescuing a life,” she added. “The emotions of this puppy are amazing. It’s inexplicable how Indie manages to convey her gratitude for her second chance at a better life. It shows up in everything she does. She quickly and deeply bonded to us and it is almost mystical how her sense of her previous situation and where she is now shines from her.”

Of course, this perfect puppy is still a puppy! She was recently showing off her athletic skills by jumping from the dining table onto the kitchen counter where she consumed two avocados (minus the pits).


“We take our pets to a holistic vet and they take supplements,” said Sonia. “They are thriving on their raw food diet, which makes a big difference in their energy and health.”

Also, when “Yogi Street Dog Rescue” or other overseas or local rescue groups need adopted animals re-homed, the organizations send out a call through social media. Traveling business people, tourists and people like us can fly pets to the USA, Canada, England etc. There is no expense for volunteers. Saving a life is their reward. Even if you can’t adopt a dog, donate $20 to a pet rescue group. Anything that you can do makes a difference and helps — just look at Indie!

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