Pet Tips ‘n’ Tales: Kat’s House Fire

“When my roommate and I had a house fire, our community was compassionate and helpful,” said Kat. “Luckily, my family including two-year-old twins, Max and McKenna, and four cats made it out safely. It’s hard to ask for help or accept it, but kind people heard of the fire and helped us in many ways. We are grateful to live in this caring-interconnected town.”

After the fire, Kat’s young family found a wonderful place to live and play. “It is a hidden, magical sanctuary near the heart of Cottage Grove,” said Kat. “Much of the cabin’s comfortable furnishings were donated by strangers offering us peace of mind.

When the fire started, Kat’s four cats responded instinctually and quickly left making it safely outside. They hid in the bushes, waiting for the turmoil to settle, and fire trucks to leave before slowly emerging. They left together and moved into a temporary trailer.

Their roommate moved on and Kat, the twins and kitties moved into a hidden little cabin on her friends’ property.  

“We love it here,” said Kat. “It’s perfect!  The kitties enjoy running and playing in the yard and climbing trees at this safe haven.”

Two of their cats, Mew and Aura, are their welcoming committee running to greet them on their arrivals home.

“The twins love the kitties, and the kitties are fascinated by my small humans,” said Kat. “Max, McKenna, and the cats enjoy playing at the property’s water culverts that were repurposed into play tunnels! We are always up to one project or another and when I am doing yard work, the cats follow. Their company is always welcome. After all, we are family, we’ve lived through a lot and are grateful to have survived all of it!

“Mew is my constant companion. We’ve been together since he was five weeks old. He’s the purr-fect cat, everything I ever wanted in a feline. He’s handsome, has an amazing personality, and he’s a great hunter. He is fun and we play all the time. He and the female kitten, Aura, bonded the minute he laid eyes on her. Aura was originally our old roommate’s furbaby, but I was lucky to inherit her and her sister, Delila, after the fire.

“Aura is timid around others, but around me and Mew, her shy-soul emerges and becomes vocal and spunky.  Her sister, Delila is the opposite. She is overly friendly forever jumping on visitors’ laps. It startles the unsuspecting visitors.

“Delilah had a hard first adoption and was so glad to end up with us and her sister. Unbelievable, the first adopter’s friend mistreated the kitty, so for her safety, she came to live with us. Now sibling rivalry with Mew has taken hold. They constantly vie for my attention.”

The family wants to thank the community as they heal emotionally from the fire. “We could not have done it without their support,” said Kat.  “It has been a blessing. We are grateful for our loved ones, pets and our good friends we met after the fire.  Thank you!”


“Faulty old-house wiring is common in Cottage Grove,” added Kat. “Our home was 50 years old.  I suggest that older homeowners have their house’s wiring inspected. Also, in case of fire put a note on an entrance or window for firefighters to see how many pets are inside; have pets micro-chipped in case fright has them run off your property and become lost. When found, they are returned faster with ID.”

Wisdom: The world’s best antidepressant has four legs, a wagging tail and gifts unconditional love.

Celebrate July 4th by supporting a Pet Shelter. Food and supply costs are crippling their survival. Purchase and donate pet food, even two cans. Don’t make a noise, make a difference!


- Cats have 32 muscles in each ear. Sixty-three are used to ignore you.

- All pets are Therapy Pets; the rest are freelancing.

- A ginger tom cat won ‘Best in Show’! It was a cat-has-trophy.

- How do you buy a kitten when the pet store is closed? Order it from a Cat-alogue.

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