Pet Tips ‘n’ Tales: One Calm Cat and Two Maniacs

Diana was in the military when she adopted Galileo from a Humane Society.  “Wonderful, animals are available for adoption at shelters. They never tire of showing you how much they appreciate that you gave them a home. Each of my rescues brought happy moments and miracles,” said Diana.

“I entered PetSmart’s adoption room and this tiny-striped kitten bravely marched up to me, climbed up my arm and onto my shoulder. Like a typical military ‘brat’ he moved with me from California to Arkansas, then Alaska and finally we retired in Texas.  

On our long drives he purr-ched on top of his carrier looking out the truck’s windows giving smiles to other drivers!

He loved his pet stroller walks around the community and lake. He was a talkative and intuitive cat who knew when I was not feeling well. He detected my breast cancer months before the doctors.  He purrs-istantly returned to the same spot to knead my breast. I along with other veterans, attribute our long-term health issues to the Gulf War: oil fires, anthrax and other chemical and environmental issues,” said Diana.

A war veteran with a strong spirit, Diana survived cancer surgery, months of chemotherapy, 33 radiation treatments and two years of hormonal medication.  During this time, her greatest comfort was the ever-present Galileo next to her.

A few years ago, Galileo passed shortly before Christmas.  Days later, the animal shelter posted photos of pets in cute Christmas hats and attire. She ‘accidently’ adopted two wild Bengal mixed-mutt-maniacs, Avatar and Emmanuel (nicknamed Avi and Manny). “I was holding Avi, when a paw from the cage next to us reached out and touched me. So, they both came home and are best friends.

“Avi and Manny are a blessing,” said Diana.  “I am happy to have adopted these two crazy-fur babies during Covid’s isolation. When I saw their photos on the shelter’s website, I knew that we were family. Avi is my spiritual cat, while Manny is his partner in crime.

“They arrived ‘crazy wild’ and have triggered our house’s motion and glass detectors! Avi is the instigator oscillating from wild maniac to calm and encourages Manny to join him in wild romps. They dash around the house and end up jumping on top of my Jeep in the garage like it’s their jungle gym! Avi has even pulled down the lever doorknobs opening doors!

The ‘kids’ snatch food off the counter and once dragged a corn cob off the counter onto the floor.

“I’ve trained them to understand body and sign language for mealtime, tapping bells on the doors to go inside the garage, or ‘sit’ for nightly prayer time before their dental treats.

They still insanely chase each other around the house or scale the ten-foot-high floor to ceiling screens on the back screened porch! They go from cuddling on the couch or sound asleep with me to bouncing madness! I hope they calm down, but then again, I hope they don’t because I’m having fun watching them having fun and they keep me laughing at their wild creativity.”


“Keep your cats mentally and physically healthy,” advised Diana. “Have lots of toys and a multilevel cat tower scratching post!  Interact with them when they ‘talk’ to you and keep the conversation going. Pay attention to their means of alerting you on what’s happening inside or outside the house!”

Angel Scribe wears a Hoodie backwards, so the hood becomes a hammock for an insecure kitten or puppy as a comfy and reassuring place to sleep.

Edith in Michigan wrote, “To prevent frost on your windshield, fill a sock with kitty litter and leave it in your car, to absorb moisture.”

“Never post FREE animals on Face book or Craigs List,” wrote Adrienne in Connecticut. “Ask for a fee because evil people who train fighting dogs use free pets as bait.”

Chicken Soup for the Soul book series has recently published another two of Angel Scribe’s stories.

“The Hug” appears in ‘Greiving, Loss and Healing’ and “The Airport Expert” appears in “Too Funny”. These two stories are the 8th and 9th that Chicken Soup has included by Mary Ellen Angel Scribe.

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