Pet Tips 'n' Tales: Rescuing a 'Buddy'

Alice devoted three weeks of her life to rescue her new “Buddy.”

Would you lay on the ground daily for three weeks in the winter risking pneumonia to earn the trust of a homeless dog? Alice did. She’s a Creswell resident who has loved animals since her birth 83 years ago. When she heard of a dog who had been wandering the streets in Cottage Grove for over a year looking for food scraps, she took action.

Why “Buddy” was homeless remains a mystery. Some residents think that his owner died, leaving his best friend to roam, fend for himself and sleep under their home. Was it loyalty or grief that kept Buddy faithful to the empty house?

Kind neighbors fed the skittish Border Collie before a determined Alice set her sights on rescuing him.  She drove the eight miles to town and sat on a pillow for hours at a time, twice a day.

“I was there in all kinds of weather,” said Alice. “Many kind people stopped and asked if I was okay. Some said the dog would follow my car for a block watching me drive away. I drove down in the ‘big snow storm of 2019’ to make sure he was all right. I cut up a hot dog, placed it beside me on a plate and lay on my side in the snow. Over three weeks, he timidly checked me out, sniffed my hand and let me pet his forehead. One day, he lay down beside me and stretched out his back legs. I called him ‘Buddy.’”

Alice was becoming discouraged about ever catching the skittish canine. 

“One rainy, cold morning I prayed to the guy upstairs and said, ‘What this dog has endured is terrible. I don’t know how he is going to survive. You have to help me.’”

An hour later, she had a collar and leash on the K-9. He escorted her to the car, jumped in and sat down on the passenger seat like her best friend. Had he been led by God or the Angels?

“In relief, I phoned my housemate, Joy, bawling like a baby,” admitted Alice. “I drove him home and sat with him in the laundry room because we were not sure how he would react to our four cats and Chihuahua, “Tiny.” The next day, he was groomed and transformed into a beautiful, happy Border Collie!”

Buddy loves his foster family. Every morning he awakes and washes Tiny’s face, is gentle with the kitties and sticks to Alice like a furry shadow. As close as their bond is, Alice’s love for Buddy is bigger. She knows it is beyond her ability to physically and financially care for a young dog.

“This gentle dog is remarkable,” said Joy. “He’s intelligent and would make a great therapy dog because he runs up to check on Alice every time she coughs or sneezes. Even in the car, he jumps up from the back seat and puts his head between the two front seats to assess her if he hears a peep out of her.”

He recently illustrated his skills when Alice was pet sitting and she and Buddy took a short walk with an elderly dog who has a heart murmur. The old canine passed out and Buddy quickly bent over it and did Doggy CPR. He licked the white whiskered face until it regained consciousness and stood up. The recovered elder K-9 walked back to his house with his “Buddy” right by his side.

Knowing Buddy’s gift, the ladies found Ravengate Border Collie Rescue who have adopted him and are giving him the therapy training he needs to help others. The rescue group are well aware of his Border Collies traits and re-fur to them as the most intelligent dog breed. These alert, affectionate dogs have a high energy level and are devoted to their family. They are workaholics who thrive on learning new things. Thankfully, Buddy’s story has a happy ending. He’s going to live on 10 acres with a life purpose.

Facebook reader Jim was following Buddy’s rescue on ‘What’s Up in Cottage Grove.” He wrote, “I’m impressed with how many people expressed concern regarding this dog’s plight. Over the last year, I have walked, biked or driven by him several times a week. He was always skittish. It is good to see him smiling in his recent photo and know that his tramping and loneliness are over.”



Alice and Joy are two earth angels who have rescued countless of dogs. Their vehicle holds: dog treats/bones, collars, leashes, water and food bowls in case they have the op-paw-tunity to feed/rescue a stray.

 The Ravengate Facebook page has another Border Collie in need of a home because its parent was admitted to a nursing home. It is a sad ending for a loyal pet. Include directions in your will for the care of your pets, so they avoid this desperate situation.

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