Pet Tips 'n' Tales: Tucker's Cupboard pool party

What happens when you put 17 dogs in a 100 ft long by 50 ft wide pool?  Well, listen! “Bark, Bark, Yap, Splash, Bark, Ruff-ruff, Splash, Splash, ‘No Ted E. that is not your ball!’ Splash, Splash.” The mayhem went on for two fun filled hours as pet parents tossed balls and dogs flew in the pool to retrieve them.


The Barking Mad puppy pool party was organized by Lynn Boe and Christi Hill for Tucker’s Cupboard, a non-profit organization that helps financially care for canine households in the South Lane School District.  The group assists with vet bills, pet medications and medical equipment. The local vet clinics refer candidates to them and they are endorsed by the Humane Society of Cottage Grove.


“The dogs must be exhausted!” laughs Lynn after the event, while sipping a well-deserved glass of wine. “We had 17 dogs: eleven from town, five from the Eugene area and one from Veneta. Then there were the folks who arrived without a dog, just to spend time watching happy dogs having fun. They were not disappointed!


Initially, some dogs were leery about jumping into the pool, even ones who normally have no problem with a lake or river, but once they got the idea there was no stopping them.  There was tail wagging and doggy smiling going on, that's for sure.  Other than occasionally stealing each other's balls or toys, all the dogs got along. They were totally engrossed in playing and swimming.”


Laurie’s Rottweiler, Ted E. Bear, was the second dog in the pool and the last to leave.  “Ted E. was in the water the full two hours. We had a blast! He was so happy!  We would go every week if we could! He was taking his green ball to any available strangers to toss for him. He didn’t care, he was all about fun in the pool.  He wore his orange life jacket and soon dropped his green ball in favor of another dog’s red ball.


His first pool party was as exciting for him as a child’s first birthday party. I was sure he would crash after all that swimming, but instead when we arrived home he was still so energized that he brought me his squeaky toy to play.”


Terri’s dog, Diesel, was cautious when he arrived at the pool, but eventually he took the plunge and had a great time. Danny’s dog, Coco, eschewed the free tennis balls and his own toy and went straight for the semi deflated basketball!


Tom’s rescue dogs, Lulu a Pit/Doberman mix and Iris a Pit/Lab mix, “Had a blast!” according to Tom. “Even I thought it was a blast. It was incredible! I wish it was a yearly event or an extension of the dog park. My dogs are socialized every day at the dog park and they were excited to see their dog friends at the pool. It was Iris’s first time in water. She would fetch her ball, then swim to me for a hug. Lulu had so much fun. Me too! When we arrived home I told my neighbor, ‘You missed it man! It was awesome!’”


“Every person enthusiastically thanked us and said they had the best time,” said Lynn. “We want to thank Chuck and Debbie at the Old Mill Farm Store for supporting our event with gift bags for each K9 swimmer.”


"I won't be surprised that when the Warren H. Daugherty Aquatic Center in Cottage Grove, Oregon reopens after being reFURbished that a dozen black Labrador water-loving dogs don't run away from home and line up at the door to enter for another swim," laughs Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe. “Also, what happens when you have 17 soaking wet dogs at a pool?”


“All those shaking dogs got me wet,” reports my five-year-old grandson, Yossa, as he shook his body like a dog.