Pets tips 'n' tales: Tiny dog, big miracle

My friend and author, Randy Peyser, seen above with her friend's beloved duck, Ms Deva Duckie, is known for her miracles and love of animals; her funny book, "Crappy to Happy," that was featured in a bookstore scene in Julia Roberts' movie, "Eat, Pray, Love"; and her inspiring book, "The Power of Miracle Thinking".  Randy often contributes helpful pet tips to this column such as: "It is not safe for dogs to chew on human stuffed toys because they are sprayed with toxic fire retardants."

  Besides being an author, Randy helps clients edit their books and then gets them book deals with publishers. She pitches her authors' books each May at the annual publishing industry's pup-ular "feeding frenzy," called Book Expo America. One year, I assisted her on the show floor, and I walked five miles over three days as we pitched books to agents and publishers.  

  A few years ago, Randy lived in a tiny Californian town about the size of Mayberry R.F.D. that is a 20 minute drive off the freeway. One afternoon, she saw a picture of a lost dog on the community's bulletin board. Believing in miracles, and being a woman of prayer, she said, "My heart went out to the sweet little fluff ball. It couldn't have been more than eight pounds, and being lost in our isolated area meant it was most likely in danger, because we have mountain lions purr-owling for their next meal." Standing there, in front of her small post office, she closed her eyes and said a prayer for the dog's safety and asked that it be found and returned to its elderly companion.

  Randy has mostly national clients through her book business, so it was a rarity for anyone to come to her home. But as miracles would have it, later that week, a man phoned who lived a half hour's drive away. He asked if he could meet with Randy in person about his book project.

  "We had a great meeting, and after he left my house he suddenly felt very thirsty," said Randy. "When he stopped at our only stop sign in my postage stamp-sized "center" of town, he debated whether or not to wait until he got home to get something to drink. But his thirst won over, so he pulled into the parking lot of our little mom and pop store. There, tacked on the wall outside the store was another poster featuring the lost dog. 

  He gasped…!  He knew the dog! Not only that, but, three days ago, this same dog had chased his car down the road he lived on! How had he gotten there? Being kindhearted, he had stopped his car and picked up the little collarless dog. Since his wife was allergic to dogs he had driven the dog to his neighbor's home for safekeeping.

 Needless to say, the dog and his rightful owner were joyfully reunited later that day! We're all still completely stymied as to how this magnificent event filled with synchronicities unfolded."

 It appears that Randy and I now have another doggy-miracle story for our next books! The more you believe in miracles, the more they manifest in your life. Good luck to all of the wonderful pet and non-pet authors (and fiction and non-fiction authors) at this year's Book Expo!


  "I once had a pet slug!" said Randy, "Sluggo's little mouth was fascinating to watch as he vacuumed the algae off the inside of the fish tank he shared with my goldfish.   

One time, I was cleaning the fish tank and dumped the tank's dirty water down the sink. Shocked, I realized I'd accidentally washed Sluggo down the sink drain. Boy, was I relieved when he crawled out of the pipe and back into the sink! As I wrote in, Crappy to Happy, "If Sluggo could crawl out of a deep, dark, crappy mess, so can you!""

 Is your pet vomiting?  Trust its reaction to its food. Check with its veterinarian and for their long list of pet food recalls NOT mentioned on TV.

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