Pilot program incentivizes energy efficiency

A pilot program exclusive to Cottage Grove and Creswell is offering limited-time incentives to customers who install energy-efficient upgrades in their home.

In a partnership between regional gas provider NW Natural and nonprofit Energy Trust of Oregon, the program aims to reduce the amount of natural gas consumption in small communities by offering residential, commercial and industrial incentives to purchase energy-efficient products.

Residents of Cottage Grove and Creswell can receive cash rebates on energy-efficient gas furnaces, insulation and window upgrades through the program.

A wide range of commercial and industrial incentives are included in the pilot as well.

To be eligible, residents or businesses must be in either ZIP code 97424 or 97426 and primarily heat their buildings with natural gas provided by NW Natural.

Qualified applicants must then select a contractor to complete the work.

Energy Trust is encouraging applicants to work with one of the nonprofit’s trade ally contractors, which are listed on the website, in order to ensure qualifications are met.

Incentive applications must then be submitted within 60 days of installation.

For residents, the program is offering incentives such as a $1,000 gas furnace rebate, up to $8 per square foot for Energy Star windows and rebates on wall, attic and floor insulation.

While energy-efficient investments can decrease residents’ utility bills, they may also help communities meet growth demands by reducing the need for gas companies such as NW Natural to invest in costly infrastructure upgrades, effectively allowing companies to maintain output with existing equipment.

Depending on results, similar future programs may pop up in the region, focusing on small communities which can offer higher incentives.

The program is set to run until July 31, 2021.

For pre-qualification and to help confirm a home’s eligibility, call 1-866-311-1822 or email [email protected]

More information can be found by visiting online at www.energytrust.org/incentives/increased-incentives-for-select-nw-natural -customers.

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