Police, fire personnel receive recognition by City Council

From left: Captain Doug Skaggs, Officer Jarrod Butler and South Lane Fire and Rescue Captain Brad Mabie received honors from Police Chief Scott Shepherd (right) at a City Council meeting on Sept. 23.

Cottage Grove Police Chief Scott Shepherd recognized both police and fire personnel for acts of bravery at the City Council meeting on Sept. 23.

Officer Fred Dilworth received a certificate of appreciation for his heroism in the rescue of a female driver trapped in an overturned vehicle submerged in water on December 23, 2018. Sergeant Matt Walker recommended Dilworth be recognized for the incident.

“It was because of their efforts and their bravery in this incident that that female was able to get out of the vehicle,” said Shepherd.

For another incident on April 17, 2019, South Lane Fire and Rescue Captain Brad Mabie and Officer Jarrod Butler received the Medal of Distinction for saving a female’s life from the Coast Fork of the Willamette River.

Butler, first on scene, responded to reports of a “highly intoxicated and suicidal” female in the river and attempted to assist by giving the female boards for floatation. The female pushed the boards away and continued downstream in high and fast-moving water.

Detective Tamara Miles arrived on the scene and served as a spotter on the opposite side of the river, directing Butler to the female’s location. Butler was able to grab ahold of the female while laying extended from the river bank. Captain Doug Skaggs positioned himself to hold Butler’s duty belt to ensure he was not pulled into the water.

Mabie then arrived and joined Butler in the water to rescue the female. Initially, the female actively fought to break free from the grip of Butler, however Butler and Mabie were able to raise the female’s hand high enough for other rescue personnel to drag her to safety on the bank.

“There’s no question that Officer Butler’s and Captain Mabie’s actions saved this female’s life,” Shepherd said.

Captain Skaggs and Detective Miles received certificates of appreciation for their part of the rescue. Other fire and rescue personnel contributed to this incident as well.


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