Police Log 1/18/2022 - 1/24/2022

Jan. 18

• Assault in the Fourth Degree was reported on the 900 block of Birch Ave.

• Several abandoned vehicles with low or flat tires were marked and tagged for storage along N 16th Street.

Jan. 19

• An officer responded to Middlefield Oaks Memory Care in regard to a disorderly subject being aggressive toward staff.

• A CGPD responded to a scene as Oregon State Police were on their way and requested CGPD to hold the scene until OSP arrived. The officer observed a single blue pickup in a ditch. Medics were already on scene and advised the driver was injured and was refusing to exit the vehicle. After contacting the driver, they later exited the vehicle went with the medics.

• Officers responded to 700 E Gibbs Ave. at the loading dock of the library for a death that had occurred in one of the tents.

Jan. 20

• During routine patrols of Cottage Grove, an officer observed what appeared to be a person sleeping on the ground at Prospector Park. In attempting to check on their status, it was found that the subject was deceased with drug paraphernalia nearby. After having medics pronounce the subject deceased at 0247 hours, the deceased was released to be picked up by Smith Lund Mills.

• An officer responded to a suicide attempt on W Main Street. After the officer expressed their concern for the individual’s well-being, it was ultimately determined that they would be cooperatively transported to University District Peace Health Hospital for a mental evaluation and treatment.

• A counterfeit $100 bill was reported on the 400 block of E Main St. after it was used in the sale of firewood. An individual contacted in regard to the bill denied knowing it was counterfeit.

• Officers responded to a suicide on the 100 block of S S St. after it was reported that two gunshots were heard coming from a neighbor’s house. An individual was outside the house screaming that someone had shot themselves. Officers confirmed the death, investigated the scene and lodged evidence.

• Officers responded to I-5 South mile post 168 to assist the fire department and Oregon State Police with a vehicle on fire, with reports that a subject near the vehicle might also be on fire. The driver was unable to be located. The vehicle’s owner was contacted at their residence and it was found the vehicle had been stolen.

•A white bag was brought to CGPD containing pictures and a birth certificate. The property was lodged in a temporary locker room.

Jan. 21

• An individual was cited in lieu of custody for Unlawful Possession of a Weapon by a Certain Felon.

• CGPD received a call reporting an individual having suicidal ideation inside their residence on N L Street.

Jan. 22

• Officers responded to a report of a trespass in progress on the 100 block of N Lane St.

• An individual was cited for Harassment and released at Harrison Elementary School after police responded to a report that an individual had verbally threatened another and then “lunged at her neck”, leaving marks.

• A sex crime was reported by Cottage Grove High School staff involving a juvenile being coerced to send pornographic images via social media.

• Officers responded to the 700 block of N 10th St. for a report of theft. An individual stated the rolling motor was stolen off the back of their boat.

• An individual was arrested for Felon in Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Weapons by Certain Felons, UPCS­ methamphetamine, DUii-Alcohol, and Reckless Driving.

Jan. 23

• Two individuals were cited lieu of custody for Criminal Mischief II on the 500 block of E Madison Ave.

• Officers responded to the 100 block of South 10th Street for a report of a physical altercation in progress.

• Officers responded to a report that a male was being beaten by a bat at Gateway Laundromat.

Jan. 24

• Officers placed an individual in a mental hold due to being a danger to himself and others at 700 E Gibbs Ave.

• CGPD received a call for service regarding an unlawful entry into a motor vehicle that had occurred sometime the night before on the 300 block of Hwy 99. The owner of the vehicle stated that his vehicle’s insurance and registration paperwork had been taken along with a small hand-held flashlight and an unknown amount of coin change. An extra patrol request was entered for the next seven days. An area canvas was also conducted.


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