Police Log 1/4/2022 - 1/10/2022

Jan. 4

• An officer was flagged down by an individual in the CGPD parking lot, who advised she found a small clear plastic baggie with crystal-like substance inside in her dining room on Christmas Day. She believed it may belong to a family member. The baggy of crystal-like substance had a gross weight of 0.3. It was processed and placed in property and evidence for destruction.

• An officer responded to the 1200 block of N Douglas Street for a possible trespass in progress. The reporting party advised that the residence should be currently vacant. The officer observed people inside the residence upon arrival. An individual inside stated that she was a tenant at the location and that her landlord had given her 90 days to vacate the property, which ends on Jan. 31, 2022. The individual stated the relevant paperwork was in her storage unit in Grants Pass, OR. The landlord contradicted the story, saying the tenant had given 30 days’ notice to vacate the property on Dec. 19th, 2021, and was to not return to the residence, however did not have any contractual paperwork stating this information at the time, either. An officer later confirmed the landlord’s account with proper paperwork.

Jan. 5

• An officer responded to the Bank of America ATM located at 1820 E Main Street. Upon arrival

at the location, it was observed the front door to the ATM was ajar. Upon further investigation, it was determined that someone tried to use a torch to the ATM in an attempt to break in. The front handle of the ATM was melted off by a hand-held torch, the secondary door displayed torch marks as well further attempts to get to the US currency located inside. The unknown suspect attempts were unsuccessful and the door was still secured upon examination. The officer made contact with Bank of America was advised the ATM would be shut down and someone would be sent out to fix the machine.

• Criminal mischief was reported at 1500 E Main Street after an unknown suspect caused approximately $100 of damage to a vehicle.

• Officers spoke with a complainant who advised that a utility trailer was stolen on the 40 block of N H Street.

• Theft of a fishing pole from the back of a pickup truck was reported at the Walgreens parking lot.

Jan. 6

• Officers responded to a report of a vicious dog on the 300 block of N Ninth Street. Upon review of the statutes and statements, it was determined that the involved black lab mix owned was a public nuisance when it jumped upon a child causing scratches to her face while on the victim’s property. The scratches did not cause serious physical injury, but the behavior did meet the definition of Potentially Dangerous Dog set forth in ORS 609.035 (6)(a).

Jan. 7

• An individual reported her vehicle broken into while working at the Best Western off Gateway Boulevard.

Jan. 9

• Theft of keys was reported at the First Baptist Church.

• During a patrol of Main Street, an officer observed a firework go up in the sky and explode. The officer then observed two individuals standing near the dog park on 12th Street where the firework had come from. One of the individuals admitted to launching the firework and was asked for the remainder of the fireworks. The fireworks were seized and placed in a bucket of water to be saturated. They were taken to CGPD headquarters to be dealt with.

• A suspicious bicycle was reported found on the 1700 block of Pritchett Place. The bicycle was spray painted red and black and suspected by the reporting party to be left there by a transient subject. The reporting party was concerned it was potentially owned by a prowler. The bicycle was impounded with CGPD and extra patrols were requested.


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