Police Log 4/19/2022 - 4/25/2022

April 19

• While conducting speed enforcement in the area of South R Street and Bohemia Place Road, an officer observed a vehicle traveling 30mph in a 20mph posted School Zone. Upon conducted a traffic stop, the driver was found to have no valid license to present, only an Oregon photo ID. The vehicle also had no valid insurance on file and there was no other valid driver available. The driver advised there was no insurance on the vehicle. The vehicle was towed due to it blocking the lane of travel and being a hazard.

• Officers were dispatched to assist the Lane County Sheriff Department at on Row River Rd. with a medical overdose patient who was said to be uncooperative and suicidal. The officers staged near the area along with two South Lane medical units. The involved individual was found lying down in the road, unconscious but still breathing. Two doses of Narcan were administered by a CGPD officer as medics arrived and began loading the individual into the ambulance. The individual remained unconscious as they were transported by ambulance directly to River Bend Hospital for treatment.

• A student possessed a vape device and vape cartridge while at Lincoln Middle School. School staff were advised by multiple students that the juvenile regularly uses and possessed the vape device at school. The juvenile voluntarily admitted to using his vape pen for the past week. The juvenile forfeited the device and was seen throwing it into a trash can by staff. The juvenile was ultimately counseled before being cited into peer court for M.I.P. Tobacco.

• A death investigation occurred when a deceased elderly female was found by her caretaker on the 900 block of Ash Avenue.

• Burglary was reported on North I Street.

• An individual on North L Street was identified and found to have an outstanding warrant out of Coos County on a probation violation.

April 20

• An individual on the 1800 block of West Main Street drove his Lexis into fencing and trees owned by one resident and another unidentified victim’s yard causing approximately $800 dollars in damage while under the influence of alcohol. Charges included Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants, Reckless Driving and Criminal Mischief 2.

April 21

• While on patrol in the area of Gateway Boulevard and Row River Road, an officer initiated a traffic stop for a traffic violation and identified the subject as having an outstanding warrant out of Douglas County for failing to appear on a probation violation. The subject was taken into custody and later released with a citation.

• Bicycle theft was reported at Jefferson Apartments.

April 22

• While traveling on Highway 99 near Carneige Way, an officer observed an injured coyote laying on the side of the roadway dodging vehicles. The officer exited his vehicle and evaluated the injured animal, observing that the animals back legs were broken and could not move. It was determined the animal had no chance of surviving and was in pain. The officer deployed a less lethal bean bag shotgun, chambered a round into the barrel, pointed the barrel at the animal and discharged a bullet to the animal’s head. The animal was disposed of appropriately.

• An individual spoke to officers in regards to leaving her purse in the Bi-Mart bathroom. Her purse was turned in to lost prevention, but cash was taken out. The woman stated she had $51 dollars inside her purse.

• An officer was dispatched in regards to a welfare check on children on the 100 block of Crestview Terrace. The complainant advised while performing a home inspection, he observed very concerning living conditions for several children. While completing a walk-through of the apartment, he observed and ample amount of dirt, old food, garbage stacking up, feces, and an awful odor. He advised the tenants were getting evicted due to the apartment being destroyed. He wanted a welfare check completed on the children as he believed there to be drug use or multiple different unknown people coming and going from there.

The officer contacted the residence and spoke with a female who was watching five children in the residence, due to the mother being gone. The mother had left for an unexpected time period. The female was a friend of the mother and watches the children when available.

The officer observed inside the residence, noting “it was in very poor conditions as described above. The conditions were not safe/sanitary at all for any human or animal.” The officer did not perceive any initial immediate threat of harm to the children from the babysitter.

The officer later returned with child services and removed the five children inside the residence. The children were placed with a foster family.

During the investigation, the officer was not able to speak with the mother; only the older child was advising she was communicating through Messenger. Her location was unknown, however, the officer believed to have observed the mother drive by as a passenger during the investigation.

April 23

• Officers responded to Cottage Grove Inn for trespassing. A male subject was refusing to open the door for staff but did open the door for officers after getting out of the shower. The subject initially said that he would not leave so an officer had to prop the door open with his foot then push his way inside as he held on to the door. Officers did not use any further force. The subject ultimately complied with officers after being warned he could be arrested for trespassing. He voluntarily got naked in front of officers several times but was freely afforded privacy in the hotel room restroom. He was told he can never return to Cottage Grove Inn.


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