Police Log for May 8, 2019

(Collected by the Cottage Grove Police Department)

April 29

  • A complainant called police advising that a subject was yelling across the fence at him, knowing that the complainant could not yell back due to a current restraining order. The parties were separated.
  • A male subject with shaggy hair was reported throwing knives in a grassy area between Pink House and Safeway, but was unable to be located by officers.


April 30

  • A suspected $100 counterfeit bill was reported by the DMV.
  • A complainant advised officers that a dog had been inside a hot vehicle with no cracked windows for at least 20 minutes. Officers determined the dog was okay.
  • A small, brown female Dachshund running around near a car wash on Main Street was impounded.
  • An officer was flagged down on Taylor Street by a complainant who said people were stealing bark. It was determined the people were actually weeding the location.
  • Police presence was requested at Al Kennedy High School to “prevent a riot from occurring” after a student was suspended for having Nazi paraphernalia and other students became upset.


May 1

  • A railroad tie behind B&A Auto was reported to be on fire and, though extinguished, may have been on fire again. The responding officer found no fire, but a discarded cigarette butt next to the tie.
  • A black female in a red sweatshirt was reported at 7:22 p.m. to have threatened a man and his daughter at Eighth Street and Arthur Avenue.
  • A black female in a red sweatshirt was arrested on Eighth Street at 8:04 p.m. for assaulting a woman’s five-year-old daughter.

May 2

  • Reckless driving of a car doing cookies and racing up and down River Road was reported at the Cottage Grove High School.


May 3

  • A wallet was reported stolen from a Walmart bathroom.

May 5

  • A subject on a bicycle was arrested at Eighth Street and Chadwick Avenue after fleeing from officers.


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