Police Log: Oct. 21 - Oct. 30, 2021

Oct. 21

• The Cottage Grove Police received a non-emergency call for service from an individual on the 911 Emergency call line. The individual had wished to report that her dog was missing and was advised by a communications specialist to call back on the non-emergency line to report it, which resulted in an argument. The communications specialist ultimately had to disconnect the phone call for the individual failing to comply with the call back request. After disconnecting, the Cottage Grove dispatch center then received two separate 911 calls for service regarding the same individual who was now engaging with nearby citizens and threatening them with bodily harm, thus causing enough public alarm and panic for police assistance to respond. Officers responded to the location and contacted the individual who was still yelling and screaming at citizens as police officers approached her on foot. The individual was advised by officers that she was being placed under arrest and immediately the individual physically resisted during handcuffing by flailing her arms during control holds by both officers. The individual nearly struck one officer in the face with her right elbow during detainment attempts. Ultimately, the individual was placed into custody without incident or injury and transported to the Cottage Grove Police Department where she was processed and lodged into the Cottage Grove Municipal Jail pending her court appearance before the Cottage Grove Municipal Court.

Oct. 26

• An officer responded to the 1700 block of Adams Street for a report of Unlawful Entry to a Motor Vehicle which was just witnessed. The officer immediately canvased the area in an attempt to locate the suspect based upon the callers’ description, however was unable to locate anyone. One witness stated that a man walked up her driveway wearing all black with a  black face mask and opened her driver door to her Chevy Truck. It was at that point the suspect was confronted by means of yelling by the complainant’s brother, who was leaving the house for work and witnessing the event occur. The resident stated nothing was damaged on the vehicle and nothing was stolen. The suspect was last seen heading south on 17th Street from the location. The case was closed with no suspect information.

• An individual was arrested at The Village Green for Criminal Trespass in the First Degree.

• An officer responded to Cottage Grove High School for a report by a student of a cold unlawful entry to a motor vehicle occurring sometime overnight. The officer spoke with the victim who said her car was left unlocked by accident overnight at her apartment complex and someone entered it and stole her backpack containing many personal items. The missing items were listed in the property section totaling to $280 Dollars. No vehicle damage was reported with no suspect information or clues left on scene. The case was closed with no suspect information.

• The previous night, an unknown suspect was reported intentionally making entry into a victim’s vehicle and took property that did not belong to them.

• Cottage Grove Police responded to Walmart and patrol officers contacted an individual who was having a mental health episode and was attempting to commit suicide by causing self-harm to his right-handed wrist area with a razor blade. The individual was cooperative and wished to be voluntarily medically transported for aid as he had not been taking his medication for nearly a year and felt that was partly the issue for the incident. The wounds observed were superficial in nature and the South Lane County Fire and Rescue team responded and ultimately transported the individual to the University District Hospital in Eugene Oregon for a voluntary mental health evaluation.

Oct. 27

• An unknown person stole the battery from a 1979 Ford Courier truck on the 400 block of South 16th Street.

• An officer spoke with a resident regarding the theft of her child’s stolen bicycle from her driveway of her home that morning. With no surveillance of the incident occurring, the officer broadcasted a description of the bike on the radio to other patrol units to be on the lookout for the involved stolen bicycle. At approximately 4 p.m., Officer J. Butler located the stolen bicycle based on the description abandoned in the area of 6th and Quincy in Cottage Grove. Butler was able to recover and return the bike to the owner where the item was verified to be in fact the child’s stolen bicycle.

Oct. 28

• An individual was successfully transported on a Peace Officer Mental Hold from South Lane Mental Health to University District Peace Health Hospital in Eugene for mental evaluation and treatment.

• An arrest was made on the 200 block of Cherry Court for a DUII, Reckless Driving, Hit and Run, and DWS-Misdemeanor.

• A complainant on Hillside Drive reported an unknown person had entered onto her property and removed trash from her trash can with no right to do so. The complainant was unable to provide a physical description of the suspect as it was witnessed by her minor child. The complainant requested extra patrol in the area.

Oct. 30

• An individual was highly intoxicated and reported waking up with facial injuries from a physical fight. The individual denied knowing how he got the injuries and requested a medical transport to the hospital for evaluation. He declined any further law enforcement action.

• Officers were dispatched to Wilson Avenue for reports of juveniles knocking/banging on doors and running away. Police located and detained the two involved juveniles, who admitted to playing the prank and were counseled. An officer contacted the boys’ fathers and they were advised.

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