Protecting your Business

We’ve talked about protecting personal property, and a lot of that applies here, but there’s more to protecting your business from a disaster than just your investment in property. 

Your Workforce

Well before an emergency, you should foster emergency planning among your workers. Involve people from all levels of your company and practice, practice, practice. Establish a crisis communication plan and make sure all employees have a copy of it and know how to get in touch with their supervisors during a disaster. 

Keep in mind that your workforce may also be affected well after the disaster has passed and your business has recovered. 

Employees may be rebuilding their own lives or dealing with personal losses. 

Continuity Plan

You also need to think about your clients and how you will still meet their needs if a disaster affects your physical location or your workforce. Establish a plan for how to meet their needs, either by setting up emergency locations for work or remote plans that allow your business to continue. 

Insurance Considerations

There are some special considerations for protecting your business. Some policies will cover your business expenses during an emergency, while others protect property. Review your coverage with a local agent familiar with the risks in your area. Just like at your house, inventory your equipment and facilities and note down model numbers, serial numbers and descriptions. You might also consider a policy against data and information technology disasters as well as more common disasters like hurricanes or fire.