Remotely bringing you the news

Like thousands of others in our community, the way we have been going about our daily lives here at The Sentinel has changed dramatically over the last week. Our weekly story meetings that once took place in our small newsroom are now happening on small computer monitors as we FaceTime twice a day in order to keep up with what is happening.

We have these meetings in the morning and again in the afternoon so that we can keep each other apprised and informed — so that we can do the same for the communities we serve.

It’s also a way for us to maintain the tight-knit connection we have as journalists and friends; in a time where distancing is the fallback position, finding ways to engage with those who mean the most helps us keep moving forward.

Despite the challenges of distance and the near-hourly influx of new information, we are committed to do what it takes to report on the things that impact us here in The Grove — whether it be a new executive order from the governor or how local organizations and community members are working together to fill the needs of those in our area.

We are updating our free-access coronavirus webpage ( throughout the day and sharing news, information and community-related activities as we receive them — both on our website and through social media.

I hope you’ll not only utilize our website ( and Facebook page to stay informed, but also as a way to connect with us — whether it’s to let us know something, ask a question or simply just to connect and say hello.

Stay well and thank you for making us your news source.