Road warnings, closures due to high water

The Lane County Sheriff's Office has issued road closure warning for the following areas: 

• River Road between Eugene and Junction City has up to 8 inches of standing water – drivers should take an alternate route if possible. Alternate routes are Sovereign Lane, Highway 99 or Prairie Road.

• Petzold Road at the intersection with Crow Road is closed due to high water. (Photo attached is of water rescue in progress on Petzold. Road conditions are unsafe.)

Flood waters are affecting several other roads around Lane County. Drivers should exercise caution and avoid driving through flood waters.


Turn Around, Don’t Drown:

Over half of flood-related drownings are caused by vehicles driven into hazardous waters. Only 6 inches of moving water can knock over an adult and only 12 inches can carry away a small vehicle.

Avoid walking and/or driving through flood waters:

Just 6 inches of swift flowing water can sweep a person off their feet. Floodwaters may be contaminated with oil, gas, or raw sewage. Waters may also be hiding hazards and debris.

If you become trapped in your vehicle:

If floodwater is blocking your route but you can turn around safely, turn around and go to a building on high ground. If your vehicle is trapped in rapidly moving water, stay in the vehicle. If water is rising inside the vehicle, seek refuge on the roof.


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