Ronald “Ronnie” Everette Shipley

Ronald “Ronnie” Everette Shipley passed away on November 1st, 2022.

Ronald “Ronnie” Everette Shipley was born in Olympia Washington on July 2nd, 1965 to Raymond Shipley and Helen Ann Marie Fetter.

He spent his formative years growing up with his grandparents Everette and Laurel Shipley. He enjoyed many hours spent fishing on the lake with Grandpa Everette. 

Ronnie was always a free spirit … living most of his adult life traveling between Washington and Oregon. When in Oregon he spent his free time cutting firewood with his favorite Uncle “Lenny” Leonard Fetter. 

He later married Vicky Ulery in Washington and together they raise her son George Ulery. 

Ronnie had a strong work ethic, and would often times work through temp agencies, he was never one to shy away from hard work.

Ronnie had a generous heart ... sometimes to a fault, it was not uncommon for him to offer up his last dollar even if it meant going hungry himself …

Ronnie was a man who lived in the moment, he was not known to plan for tomorrow but rather live every drop of life from today. Even in the days leading up to his death he never stopped living. Most days he could be found riding his bike around town hunting for pop cans …

Ronnie went home to Jesus on November 1st, 2022, with Tracy Miller (Fetter) by his side … 

He is survived by his son George, his sister Sue and brother Vern, his niece Trisha, numerous cousins and dear friends Mike and Alicia Patton. 

Ronnie was preceded in death by his parents, grandparents, wife Vicky and his favorite Uncle Lenny …


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