Rotary donates helmets to middle schoolers

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Cora McClean does not want to suffer a concussion. She would also rather not have her brain “squeezed” out of her head by an inadequately-fitting bicycle helmet. Enter Rainy Peak Bicycle Shop.

With the support of the Cottage Grove Rotary Club, Rainy Peak is helping students like Cora ride their bicycles safely by giving away brand new helmets.

The program, being facilitated by Lincoln Middle School, asks students to write a paragraph explaining why they need one of the limited number of helmets purchased by the rotary club. 

Luke Gifford, grade 6, wrote that his need for a helmet was triggered by his genorisity toward his sister. “My sister does not have a bike helmet. Well, she does but it fell apart so I gave her my helmet. Now I don’t have one.” 

Hailie Intros, also grade 6, laid out a clear, concise two-fold argument explaining why she should be a recipent of a free helmet. “The first reason,” she wrote, “is I don’t have one.” She notes that without a helmet, she can’t ride her bicycle or rollerblade; two things she says she enjoys. And while she believes safety to be important, she would also like to stop sharing a helmet with her brother. “We take turns,” she explains. 

The essays were due in late March and soon after, Chris Compton of Rainy Peak traveled out to Lincoln to fit approximately 20 winners with helmets. 

“That’s the neatest thing about what the rotary has done.” he said. “You can go out and buy a fair affordable helmet but one of the reasons kids won’t wear them is because they’re not fashionable. And you think it’s a piece of safety equipment, how fashionable does it have to be? But to kids, it matters,” he said. 

The helmets ranged in price from $40 to $60 and are expected to arrive in Cottage Grove at the end of this week. At that point, the rotary will reimburse Rainy Peak and Compton will be taking a second trip to Lincoln to give them to the winners.

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