Row River Trail reopens for summer’s second half

The popular trail is open again after a lengthy closure, shown here at the Mosby Creek trailhead. PHOTO NICK SNYDER/CG SENTINEL

Late winter snowstorms, wildfires, and scheduled maintenance have made for a tumultuous last six months at the Row River Trail, but after a long wait the popular recreation destination is open once again.

On top of scheduled maintenance in the late Spring and early Summer, the February snowstorm brought down hundreds of trees along the trail and a May wildfire further muddied the situation. According to the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Upper Willamette field office, however, the trail is now open as of July 17.

“We were able to work with [local contractors] to be able to have the trail open and even though they were still finishing up some [scheduled maintenance] work, we were able to work it in such a way that allows them to complete their work while ensuring visitors could enjoy the trail,” said BLM’s Public Affairs Officer Jennifer O’Leary.

“There were some sections of the trail that had a hundred trees down for miles over the trail and there, too, we utilized local contractors to help complete the cleanup work to be able to reopen the trail,” O’Leary continued.

Local residents and visitors from around the region can now look forward to taking advantage of all the trail has to offer in the waning months of summer.

“We know it’s an incredibly sought-after trail … It’s an amazing paved trail, 13 plus miles of it, that draws people who want to experience the area by foot, by bike, for a quick picnic and so we are very conscientious of any time there is any part of the trail that is not accessible due to public safety concerns,” said O’Leary. “We’re going to do our best to complete the necessary work to be able to reopen any impacted sections of a trail as quickly as we can.”

According to the BLM office, the routine scheduled maintenance and cleanup during closures has left the Row River trail in better shape than previously.


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