Sallie-Sue and her ‘Buddy’

It is intriguing how folks end up rescuing their pets. Oftentimes it is from their own family when a relative passes away or a child heads off to college.

In Chris and Clarence’s case, they inherited their dog Sallie-Sue, a soft, white, furry Schnauzer/Poodle, after their son’s apartment complex was destroyed by fire. He fled with his dog and the clothes on his back, found new lodging but found it difficult to locate another rental that would accept a dog. He was afraid he would lose the dog and did not want to relinquish it to a shelter, so his parents came to mind. He flew Sallie-Sue 1,000 miles to their home to briefly care for her while he regained financial footing.

“We bought him clothes and offered to keep the dog until he was ready for her,” said Chris. “It did not take long before everyone realized she had become our dog. Obviously, she is still with us.”

The couple may have inherited the dog, but a stray cat with a big heart adopted them.

“Everyone wants a cat with all the best traits, but they are hard to find,” said Chris. “Ours found us! Clarence had built shelves on the corner of our enclosed patio for the feral cats to safely nest at night. The patio has two cat doors for them to come and go.”

One morning, Clarence went to put out their food and water and there was a gorgeous black cat. The elegant, long-haired feline looked at Clarence, dashed away — then stopped and observed Clarence.

“Hey ‘Buddy,’ do you want to come back in?” Clarence recalled saying to the feline. “To my surprise, he did. I held out my hand for him to sniff, but instead he crawled up into my arms. ‘Wait until my wife sees you,’ I thought.”

When Chris arrived in the kitchen, she saw her husband wearing a big smile and a huge, black Maine Coon cat.

“I reached for the cat, and he let me hold him like a baby,” said Chris. “Then he did the most amazing thing: he put his head on my shoulder, took his soft paw and turned my face towards him, looked deeply into my eyes and licked my nose.”

Budd’s adoption was officially complete.

The couple was baffled as to where the cat had materialized from as none of their neighbors had a black kitty.

“While I held him, I knew in my heart it was meant to be. He would be our inside cat,” said Chris. “We had Sallie-Sue and did not know how this would work out, but I had a flash of intuition that she and her new ‘Buddy’ would get along. In no time at all our two pets were laying side by side grooming each other.”

Within two days, Budd had the food routine down pat. He watched the first day and, on the second as Clarence sat down to give Sallie her treat, Budd lined up beside her.

The couple works from home and, like most offices, the “staff” joins in for coffee breaks.

“When we take our coffee breaks, our animals think it is snack time and appear out of nowhere for their treats,” laughed Chris. “We have a gas fireplace and they both vie for the best warm spot. They lay side by side, their noses facing each other, their bodies in a V-shape. It is cute watching them flip in unison, like pancakes to warm their other sides.”


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