SLSD offers fully online classes for fall

The South Lane School District (SLSD) has announced that it will continue to offer a fully online K-12 comprehensive school for students and families next school year and beyond.

The district has a limited number of spots and the deadline to register before the end of this school year is June 8, 2021.

SLSD issued the following statement:

We’ve learned a lot this year about what works for online learning and what struggles our students have faced while learning in this format.

We’ve discovered a lot of students have thrived and excelled learning online from home, and we want to continue to offer a fully online school for those families.

We’ve also discovered many challenges students face when they are asked to learn exclusively online.

As a team, we are working to address these concerns and improve our SOLO Academy experience moving forward.

We continue to welcome feedback from you as to how we can best serve your student(s) in an online learning environment.

Our goal is to continually improve our practice so that we can best meet the needs of families who would like an at-home learning option.

Some of the changes for next year include:

1. A new curriculum partner (Edgenuity):

• K-5 students will utilize an updated version of Accelerate Education, which has modified/updated content and addressed some of the frustrations experienced this year. K-5 students will also receive memberships to supplemental learning opportunities (e.g. a free-to-families membership to ABC mouse for our K-2 students, monitored by our SLSD teachers, etc.)

• Grades 6-8 will learn primarily with Courseware, which is video-based instruction (similar to Khan academy), and each learning objective is broken down into small, manageable steps.

• Grades 9-12 will also learn primarily with Courseware, but will also have the opportunity to take courses in Odysseyware to earn the credits necessary to graduate. This will give the district the opportunity to help students earn credit in the way they learn best. The district will be able to serve students who are both on-track to graduate, as well as those who are credit deficient. 

For all students (K-12) the district will be providing Edgenuity’s “mypath,” which is an online reading and math supplemental curriculum, to help students learn at their individual level.

2. SLSD is restructuring its program for next year so that every student will have an Individualized Learning Path. SLSD recognizes all students have succeeded and struggled to some extent this past year. All SOLO Academy students will work directly with SLSD teachers to make sure they are in appropriate classes, and that the district is meeting their direct, specific, academic needs.

3. SOLO Academy is a fully comprehensive K-12 school, and the district has learned this year that our students need multiple “on-ramps” to get and stay connected with their online learning. Next year, SLSD is restructuring the school calendar so that it can offer more direct access to students and families for academic and emotional support from SLSD teachers. This means some classes will be synchronous (meaning at a specific day and time), but many of the classes will continue to be asynchronous (meaning, at one’s own time).

If parents or guardians are interested in registering their student to attend SOLO Academy for the 2021-2022 school year, the link to the application can be found on the district website at and searching for SOLO Academy information.

Unlike this past school year, the district is not asking to make a commitment for the entire school year. SLSD will work directly with resident schools to allow, as best as we are able, for students to transfer in or out of the program at the end/beginning of each Trimester throughout the school year.

The registration process will begin now and will continue through the start of next school year.

If there are questions or concerns, please reach out to the school administrator at [email protected] or leave a voicemail at 541-623-0159.

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