Smoke and Fire Respite Centers Opened in Eugene and Creswell

Two new smoke and heat day use respite centers are open today from 8 AM-8 PM in Eugene and Creswell. The Eugene center is located at the Lane County Events Center (796 W. 13th Ave.) and in Creswell, the New Hope Baptist Church (597 S. Front St). These are designed to provide places for anyone who might not have access to indoor shelter or power to come indoors. 

Additionally, the City of Eugene has two community centers that will be open today as smoke and heat day use respite centers.  These centers have limited capacity due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The centers are located at the Hilyard Community Center in south Eugene (2850 Hilyard St.) and Petersen Barn Community Center in northwest Eugene (870 Berntzen Rd.).

As a reminder, The Bob Keefer Center in Springfield is also set up as a day use smoke and heat respite center and is operating from 8 AM-8 PM. 

These centers are organized to accommodate social distancing and provide space to users, so capacity will be less than the typical building capacity. 

Lane County will continue to send updates as smoke and heat respite shelters come online.


New Hope Baptist Church

597 S. Front St., Creswell

(541) 895-4436


Lane Events Center (796 W. 13 Ave.) 8am – 8pm

Hilyard Community Center (2850 Hilyard St.) 9am – 5pm

Petersen Barn Community Center (870 Berntzen Rd.) 12pm – 5pm