South Lane School District to hire interim principal for CGHS

On Monday, May 8, the South Lane School District Board determined the means by which it intends to replace outgoing Cottage Grove High School Principal Iton Udosenata. 

Udosenata announced he would be resigning from his post on May 1, effective at the end of this school year. 

"It was great to come in with this group of freshman and get to see them graduate," Udosenata told The Sentinel of his departure. 

On Monday, the administration approached the school board with the notion of hiring an interim principal from within the district for the 2017-2018 school year, citing a diminished candidate pool due to the time of year. 

According to South Lane Superintendent Krista Parent, there are three current employees who are qualified for and interested in the position. According to the district, hiring outside of the current employee pool would delay filling the position, possibly until the end of June and there is no guarantee a qualified applicant would submit their name. The cause, according to the district is that applicants have traditionally signed on to other positions by this time of year and principals have been in high demand in the state of Oregon. 

The interim principal would face a review in December to determine if it would become a permanent position or if the school district would have to advertise the position externally. 

Udosenata's last official day will be June 28. The district hopes to have someone in place by June 1 but notes it's possible to fill the position by the end of May. And while the school district could refuse Udosenata his move to North Eugene due to an additional year still left on his contract, Parent said there would be no action taken against the resignation. Udosenata is expected to begin his transition to North Eugene before his final day at Cottage Grove. 


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