Teacher arrested for sex crimes

Andrea Nicole Baber, 29 of Cottage Grove, was arrested on charges of sodomy II, rape III, contributing to the sexual delinquency of a minor, online sexual corruption of a child and unlawful delivery of marijuana to a person under 18 years of age. 

On Dec. 12, the Douglas County Sheriff's office received a report of a female teacher who had been engaging in a sexually intimate relationship with a former student, a minor.

Baber is a former teacher at  Logos Christian Academy in Springfield. 

According to court documents, Baber's husband found the pair in Baber's bed. 

"Deputies began their investigation and discovered evidence to substantiate the report," a press release on the arrest read. "It was learned Barber began the relationship with the then 15-year-old student in 2016 and had engaged in a sexual relationship on a regular basis with the minor and provided him with marijuana." 

Law enforcement obtained a search warrant for Baber's residence on Dec. 15 on the 1200-block of Territorial Hwy. 

Detectives reportedly discovered additional evidence at the residence.

Baber called police to report a robbery upon returning home before locating the search warrant.

She was taken into custody. 

Detectives are asking anyone with information to contact them at (541) 440-4458 or at [email protected] 


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