Three dead in Douglas

On November 7 around 8 p.m., a father found his foster son waiting for him outside their home. Inside, his wife, daughter and stepdaughter were dead. Shot to death. 

Kevin Wayne Adams, 16, of Roseburg was arrested on three counts of aggrevated murder after his fosterfather, Robert Adams, contacted authorities. 

The victims were identified by court documents and later by authories as 55-year-old Donya Adams, 26-year-old Amory Adams and 10-year-old Payshience "Tia"  Adams. The first two victims were identified as Robert Adams wife and biological daughter. The third victim was Kevin Adams' biological sister and fellow foster child in the Adams' home. 

Robert Adams told authorities that he left the house around 6:30 p.m. and when he arrived home, Kevin was waiting outside and told him to call the police but asked his foster father not to go inside the house. 

Robert said that upon entering the house, he found his wife, daughter and foster daughter dead and a handgun out of place and laying on a bed in the home. 

Authorities arrived on scene at 8:43 p.m. and the Douglas County Major Crimes Team activated shortly after. 

According to authorities, Kevin Adams said he shot his foster mother and both his sisters and then waited for his foster father to return home. 

Kevin Adams was booked into the Douglas County Juvenile Detention Facility on November 7.

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